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About Us

Our Story

We are in the business of manufacturing eco-friendly, bio degradable, natural fibre based, carbon neutral, strong, durable products that have great reuse characteristics. They have a very long life, more than 200 times when compared to a plastic one. They are convenient to use, good to feel and economic as well. Above all, they are the only sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

Our Work

We’re a quality-conscious manufacturer and whether your order is a single item, 100 bags or a container load full no products lead our production unit without passing through a rigorous quality checking already in place. Our manufacturing units are currently undergoing through the process of an ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certification by SGS.

Because we have an abundant flow and proximity to the raw material being strategically placed to nearest raw material supply sources in Eastern India and follow the FAIR TRADE sourcing mechanism so that no producer/supplier is deprived of his right to livelihood.

Our Details

We are based in the UK but have a self sufficient and absolutely non-polluting manufacturing unit in India (operational since 1999), within an industrial estate that is strictly controlled by ethical manufacturing practices. Being a designing and manufacturing house in totality under one roof, it is possible for us to keep a vigil on certain aspects which very few suppliers can.  A work culture based on humanity, social justice and safety is the more important than production itself within our premises. We are happy to declare that we NEVER engage child labour.  Employee benefits, their rights, work hours and wage system is in accordance within Indian industrial norms and systems. Ethical is the key word in our actions.

Natural Folk Ltd, Regency House, Regent Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool L5 9SR

Natural Folk Ltd,
Regency House,
Regent Road,
L5 9SR
Tel: 0845 272 5920

Natural Folk Ltd, Regency House

Regent Road, Liverpool. L5 9SR

0845 272 5920