We are Natural Folk Limited, a company based out of Liverpool, United Kingdom. We are a pride ourselves on Ethical, Environmentally Friendly functional products. With our in-house design and manufacturing set up, we are able to get things done faster and not having to worry about working with a third party outside us. Using natural materials such as jute cotton linen leather, we manufacture all manner of shapes and sizes from bags to other products. With this being said we are also able to personalize our items to your needs/design.
Our Mission
To generate sustainable livelihood through design.
Our vision
Focuses on the Human Right and Equal Employment with this we bring fundamental human right  of gender equality to reality by employing Men, Women, Transgender  and Disabilities. We look for the skill from our employers which gives everyone a unique advantage of progressing.
Decent Work, and Economic Growth’ - We make traditional skill sets relevant through design which enables us to weave tangible collective practices  that generate humane and loving conditions for qualitative work and livelihood at scale.
Consumption and Zero Waste Production is a huge part of what we are about. We take pride in not focusing on making timeless collections yet focus on a more everyday life which creates all purpose design and products that last longer. We have a zero waste production mechanism and we recycle from our own factory waste to create a whole new range of product lines.
We are excited about creating economic opportunities and working with St Vincents School -A Specialist School for Visionary Impairment and Other Needs. 

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